Frequently asked questions:

Q: Can you help?
A: Probably.

Q: Why is JDM Investment Counsel the firm to handle my


A: Because asset allocation matters. JDM Investment Counsel has an enviable six year track record of active portfolio management using this philosophy.  Understanding the macroeconomic  forces at work around the globe will lead to successful asset allocation decisions.  Our market outlook is driven by inflationary expectations, GDP growth expectations, and foreign currency exchange rate trends.

The goal of our relationship is to grow your financial

assets. We strive to achieve that by using five investment models.

balanced portfolio management,

either taxable or tax-free

This style subscribes to a few core philosophies: Modern Portfolio Theory is right – a portfolio holding a mix of stocks and bonds will out perform a portfolio of just stocks or just bonds. A range of 20 to 30% bonds with 80 to 70% stocks respectively puts one in the sweet spot of the best reward with least amount of risk.  The other philosophy is that asset allocation matters not just in the very broad context of stocks and bonds but also in a macro economic context of international versus domestic versus emerging market stocks. The final core philosophy is that with regard to stock picking – dividends really do matter a lot. Not only the payment of dividends but also the growth of those dividend payments.

passive portfolio management

This is an all exchange traded fund, index oriented portfolio. It expands upon our core work for our balanced style as described above. This portfolio is usually 100% equity oriented.

taxable fixed income management

This is a bond only style for clients who can use taxable income. It is driven by our interest rate

outlook, our expectation of yield curve movement, the current credit environment and the level of income needed by the client.

tax-free fixed income management

Very similar to above, but here given the smaller size of the municipal market specific bond selection becomes more critical.


Q: How do I transfer funds? 

A: Assets are transferred via an automated electronic process.  When you sign the document to become a client of JDM Investment Counsel, the transfer process begins within a 24 hour time frame.  It is usually a behind the scenes activity.  Gone are the days when you went to your safety deposit box, got the stock certificates and, dropped them off at the new brokerage house. 


Q: How long does the transfer take? 

A: It is a seven to ten day process. You will have electronic access to view your account.  You will be able to access the Scottrade website and your account through the Clients Only page on the JDM Investment Counsel website.  You will receive confirmation of transfers via U.S. mail. 


Q: Do I have to transfer my assets to Scottrade?

A: No. We can partner with your current broker or custodial manager.  Transferring your assets to a Scottrade Custodial Account does make it easier for JDM Investment Counsel to make timely changes in your account.  

Q: What happens after my assets have been transferred?

A: We go to work for you.  By the time the assets are transferred, we will have worked together to develop your financial goals based on your current situation and future plans.  Your assets will be managed to best assure those goals will be achieved. We will be in contact to keep you informed of your account status.


Q: How much contact will I have with your firm? 

A: You will have as much or as little contact as you want.  Ideally we will be in contact on a quarterly basis and have an annual face to face review.  Monthly statements will be mailed to you, unless you choose not to receive paper statements.

If you ever have any questions, concerns, or a restaurant recommendation, call me – 614-937-7632. The goal of our relationship is to grow your financial assets, and there should never be confusion about that.


Q: Do you have a JDM Investment Counsel web disclosure?

A: Of course. It may not be great reading, but it is important.



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